Service & Parts

Since 1986, Tiger Vehicles has been producing motorhomes based on van chassis and 4wd truck chassis. In 1991, Tiger vehicles released the Bengal model, which is a chassis mounted motorhome on a 4wd, 1 ton truck chassis. Many of the parts for the Astro Van based motorhomes are now obsolete, but the Bengal model is still supported. We will be glad to try and assist with any questions or parts requests for older models, but cannot guarantee availability.

Our service department can also perform minor and major repairs to your Bengal- from simple appliance upgrades to complete re-fits!

  • Battery replacements
  • Lithium battery upgrades
  • Solar upgrades
  • Appliance replacements and upgrades
  • Interior water damage repair
  • Interior wall replacements
  • Window replacements
  • Exterior skin repairs and replacements
  • Complete fiberglass top replacement
  • Collision damage (coach only, not truck cab or chassis)

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