Provan RV Industries (Maker of Tiger Adventure Vehicles) is a family-owned business with offices and factory headquartered in Dawsonville, Georgia. We don’t operate through dealerships or franchises. Instead, we sell our vehicles factory-direct and offer factory tours and vehicle showings by appointment.

We require a one ton or heavier chassis with an 8-foot bed length. Ford chassis are highly recommended and are our most preferred chassis.

Why Ford?

  • We build fiberglass molds specific to the Ford body styles. In addition, we have the software that allows us to customize the Ford ECM to work seamlessly with our coaches.

Why is there an upcharge for Chevy and Ram?

  • Fiberglass parts must be custom made for these chassis. Chevys and Rams also have to go to the dealer for software modifications.

Dual rear wheel vs single rear wheel:

Dual wheel vehicles have a higher GVWR, so if maximum cargo capacity is important, a dual wheel vehicle is recommended. Single wheel vehicles are often chosen for their looks and off-road ability.

Standard vs extended vs crew cab:

Personal preference: Crew cabs give the most seating and cargo capacity, while the standard and extended cabs are slightly shorter making them slightly more maneuverable.

Trim levels:

100% customer preference.

Factory cameras and antennas:

We are one of the few coach builders who relocate the factory antennas and cameras. This allows the factory backup camera, 360-degree birds eye view (when equipped) and GPS and satellite systems to function as intended by the manufacturer.

Back seat options:

When the chassis is an extended cab or crew cab, there are three options for the back seats.

  1. We can remove the seats and install a flat platform, great for cargo storage such as dog crates, hunting gear or suitcases.
  2. We can leave a single “40%” factory seat and build a partial platform. Great option for those who occasionally travel with more than two people.
  3. We can modify the back seat to create two seats with a passthrough in the middle. Great for traveling with several people.

Provan can provide and install certain offroad bumpers and winches. However, we will not install suspension systems. If you want a suspension lift kit, we recommend taking it to an automotive shop that specializes in offroad suspensions.

Can I add additional solar panels?

No, 400 watts is the most solar we can physically fit on the roof of the coach.

Can I add additional DC-DC chargers?

All Bengals come standard with (1) 30amp dc-dc charger. We can add up to a total of (3) dc-dc chargers.

Should I upgrade to Lithium?

We highly recommend upgrading to lithium batteries. They are lighter, stronger, and will last much longer than AGMs.

What electronics do you use in the coach?

We equip all Bengals with Victron inverters, chargers, and monitoring systems. Victron is a highly respected leader in the industry and widely supported worldwide.

Yes, unless you specify otherwise, all Tigers come with a pass-through that allows owners to climb from the front seats through into the main coach cabin.

Yes, your Tiger can safely tow up to 9,000 pounds.

Bengals are frequently built to order and are “semi-custom” vehicles. Our design is standardized, however, there are over 30 options and upgrades that are customizable. In addition, you can choose color patterns and finishes and can delete several standard options, such as a microwave or roof top AC unit.

If we decline a custom request, it is not because we want to be difficult, but because the balance between engineering costs, billable costs and our ability to warranty/stand behind the request is not balanced.

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