The Malayan

In nature, the Malayan is one of the smaller, more camouflaged of tiger breeds.  To honor its namesake, our Malayan is designed for rigorous excursions.  A new generation of Tiger Adventure Vehicles, the Malayan is designed to explore in any season and features all-aluminum construction with insulation in all exterior cavities and a three-point mounting system for the coach.

Available on either the Ford F550 or Ram 5500 4×4 chassis in either an extended or crew cab configuration, the Malayan offers more living and storage space than its Bengal sibling.  A dual- to single-rear wheel conversion is included in the standard price.  As with all Tigers, a convenient pass-through between cab and coach is standard. The Malayan can be built in an all-diesel or a gas/propane configuration.

Inside, the Malayan features a similar but larger floorplan to the Bengal.  The combination of an interior height of 6-feet, 4-inches and large windows creates a bright, spacious feel throughout the living quarters.  A queen-sized overhead bed is standard, along with a fold-out L-shaped couch.  The Malayan features an enclosed wet bath with a cassette toilet and handheld shower head.  The coach comes with genuine maple cabinetry, and durable, easy to clean vinyl flooring.  All Malayans come standard with 400-watts of solar, 600-AH of maintenance-free AGM batteries, a dual-inverter/charger set up, and a 6,000-BTU conditioner.

American-made in South Carolina, the Malayan is a Tiger built for the toughest adventures, on-road or off.

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The Galley

The galley features a wide-open layout with a molded-in sink, recessed stove, and lots of counter space. All cabinetry is made of maple veneer that is securely attached to the aluminum structure of the coach body. Drawer space is abundant, including a utensil drawer and drawers of various sizes for kitchen items. All cabinets and drawers feature positive-catch push-button latches. The two-way AC/DC compressor refrigerator and freezer provide 4.3 cubic feet of space. And, the Malayan models feature two vertical pull-out pantries.


The Bath

The Malayans features a wet bath, with the most room of any Tiger wet bath configuration. The bath contains the shower and toilet all in one room. The room is lined with fiberglass sheeting throughout, and features a cassette toilet, water-tight vanity, utility shelf, shower, mirror, LED lighting, and exhaust fan. An optional composting toilet is available.


The Bed

The overhead bed area is spacious and open. The Malayan features a queen-size bed facing side-to-side. The overhead area has LED lighting, including a reading light. Additionally, there are 12v and 110v outlets and a storage area for bed-side items. The television is on a multi-directional arm to be used either in bed, or in the main living area. The overhead bed area also contains large insulated windows that open, and a power fan to provide light and ventilation. The Malayan also provides a pull-out couch for additional sleeping space.

All Aluminum Structure

All Aluminum Structure

The body of the Malayan coach is constructed entirely of aluminum. Floor, ceiling, and walls have a minimum two inch cavity, which is filled with R10 insulation. The interior walls are maple veneer wood panels. These attributes make for very solid, quiet, and well-insulated living quarters. The main exterior storage compartment is built into the body of the coach and is also insulated.

Off-Road Enhancements

Off-Road Enhancements

All Tigers are designed for on-road and off-road adventures, giving you the freedom to go where you want. The Malayan has even more standard features built-in to handle more strenuous off-road conditions. Besides the all-aluminum structure, there are several important features that make the Malayan’s off-road capabilities better than ever. The truck comes standard with four-wheel drive, skid plates, and all-terrain tires. It maintains the high ground clearance characteristic of a truck chassis. A major design enhancement is the implementation of the three-point mounting system. This design prevents torsional stresses from the chassis being transferred to the coach. A front bumper/brush guard, winch, halogen off-road lights, and air ride suspension are offered as options.


Coach Power Systems

Like all Tigers, the Malayan is a self-contained unit capable of dry camping for extended periods of time. The Malayan has deep cycle AGM batteries with a total of 600 amp hours.  Standard is 400w of solar with an MPPT controller to keep the batteries topped off. Additionally, a dual-inverter/charger configuration to send power from the batteries to run appliances such as the air conditioner and microwave. If additional power is needed, the truck alternators provide de-facto generator power. Depending configuration, a larger battery bank and solar array are options.