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Discontinued Siberian and Malayan models

Tiger Community –

Involved Tiger owners and interested potential customers have raised the question as to why we have discontinued offering the Siberian and Malayan models. While these models have been well-received, they have presented challenges that have resulted in production lags. We pride ourselves in our timely, customer oriented sales philosophy, and discontinuing these model lines will enable us to properly re-focus our attention on our Bengal line.

We will continue to fully support the Siberian and Malayan units currently in the field. These models have been on the front-edge of off-road RV innovation, and we will leverage that experience and knowledge as we continuously improve the Bengal model.

I appreciate the many of you who have already reached out to us to voice your support of this move. We are excited about the future of Tiger Adventure Vehicles. Interest in our products continues to be strong. We will continue to put our best efforts into making products that significantly enhance the lives of our customers.

All the Best . . . and, Happy Trails!